Thursday, July 9, 2009

It's the final countdown!

I'm ashamed, I really am. I've neglected this sweet, sweet blog for too long. Well, I'm back! And I'm screwed. I just found out that my sister scheduled her bridal shower for August 2. Sure, a fine date and all, besides the fact that it's about A MONTH earlier than I expected! This does not bode well for the heirloom lace beaded silk wrap that I'm *trying* to knit for her. Yeah, yeah, I know the wedding isn't until September. But I waaaant to give it to her at the shooooower! (Sure, I'd love a little cheese with my whine. Thanks for asking! You're a gem.)

Here's the progress so far:

Actually I'm a few inches further along than when I took this picture last week. I'm somewhere between 40% and 50% done. It's taken me about three months to do the first half. Three weeks to finish the rest sounds reasonable. Oh, did I mention I'm helping throw the shower, too? My day job is really going to get in the way of my side projects.